Reopening Plan and visitation plan


Weekend Visitation hours updated. Effective 9/4/21 until further notice Dallastown Nursing Center’s visiting hours for the weekend will be from 12PM-5PM. This will allow us to focus on resident care considering the time consuming nature of screen combined with staffing challenges. Thank you for understanding.


Testing plan

  • Baseline universal testing- completed July 2, 2020
  • We have the capacity to administer COVID-19 tests to all residents showing symptoms with 24 hours
  • We have the capacity to administer COVID-19 tests to all residents if the facility experiences and out break
    • Including asymptomatic staff
  • We have a procedure for addressing testing of non-essential staff and volunteers.
    • See Testing Procedures for non-essential staff, volunteers and residents
  • Individuals have the right to refuse testing


  • We have a plan to cohort residents diagnosed or suspected to have COVID-19
    • See Positive Covid 19 or Suspected procedure

Screening Protocol

  • Screen for temperature and health questionnaire filled out upon entering facility

Personal Protective Equipment

  • We have various suppliers to acquire PPE equipment. We are given priority as a healthcare facility. We continue to increase our supplies to prepare if there is a shortage.

Staffing plan

  • Continued job advertisement. Continued contracts with staffing agencies. In the event of a staff call-off the shift supervisor or DON would contact available staff to come in. In the event of no available staff to come in, staff would work overtime until relief is available.

Communal Dining and Activities

  • See Communal Dining and Activities Plan


  • See Visitation Plan


York County is in the green phase. If we should move out of the Green or have confirmed COVID-19 in the building the reopening (visitation) will stop.

Testing Procedures for Non-essential Staff, Volunteers and Residents

 If York County enters the Red phase volunteers would be restricted.

Care of a Positive Covid-19 or Suspected Positive Resident

  • Residents will be placed on isolation immediately.
  • Isolation kits will be provided that include items for that resident’s care only (stethoscope, thermometer, blood pressure cuff, pen, tablet, etc…). The kit will remain in the room during the isolation period.
  • The resident will remain on isolation for a minimum of 14 days.
  • Test immediately and negative test will discontinue isolation precautions.
  • Consistent staff will be assigned to care for resident(s) on isolation to decrease the number of staff exposed.  N95 masks and face shields, gowns, and gloves will be worn when entering an isolation room.
  • Staff will place the N95 in a breathable paper bag when care has been finished with the staff members name and date. The mask can be reused after being sealed in the paper bag for 5 days. (Reusable on the 6th day). Bags will be stored in the soiled utility room.
  • The resident will be encouraged to wear a mask during care.
  • Disposable products will be used for serving food
  • Staff will bundle care tasks as to decrease the number of times staff must enter the room when able. Example administer medications, deliver meals, and obtain vitals and assess resident during one entrance.
  • All disposable products and trash will be disposed of in biohazard waste bags.

Screening Policy


  • Almost all residents are vaccinated
  • no regular screening

  • Staff temperatures are taken daily and are not to report to work if they aren’t feeling well

Visitors and Volunteers

  • All visitors must complete a questionnaire and be symptom free before entrance to resident care areas will be permitted.  

Communal Dining and Activities

  • Group activities may be conducted. Social distancing should be practiced. Hand hygiene and infection control measures should be implemented. 


We recognize the need and benefit of visitation here at Dallastown Nursing Center. With the assistance of staff and volunteers, who are screened we are going to implement the following visitation plan:

  • Upon arrival temperature taken, fill out health questionnaire, and apply hand sanitizer